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Here you can find our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

What are the key ingredients used to create Rekorderlig Cider?

The ingredients in our cider are pure spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden, European apples, carrot and grape extract for color, additional caramel color, aroma, citric acid, acidity regulators, sucralose, preservatives, sugar and carbonic acid. 

What apple varieties are used for the cider?

Our apples all come from northern Europe but due to the size of our production, we cannot utilize the same fruit source every time. Like many other global brands, we utilize different apples to blend into a consistent flavor. Blending the cider with our Swedish spring water creates our signature crisp clean character, making us stand out to other countries cider styles.

What ABV is Rekorderlig Cider fermented to?

Our apples are fermented to a high ABV up to 11.2% (a process which sometimes can result in the cider being referred to as apple wine due to the high ABV) to which we then blend our Swedish spring water bringing down the ABV meeting the needs of the desired market as we produce our ciders at different strengths for different countries. In the U.S. the ABV is 4.5% for all Rekorderlig Cider products.

Is Rekorderlig kosher?


Are all the flavors gluten free?


Are all core flavors vegan friendly?


Does Rekorderlig have brewers yeast in it?


Does Rekorderlig contain Salicylates?